If all goes as planned, the committee overseeing the planning for the new Pualsk County Jail will be ready to take a look at bids by mid-August. 

Sharon Schmidt, architect for Treanor HL, reported to the committee. She and her team are more than 75% finished with construction documents. Schmidt made the comments at a meeting held last week . 

“We are on track, according to all my teams, to be complete by June 22,” she said. 

She asked the committee if they were going to advertise in advance of that date or on that date. The committee said they need to make some decisions prior to advertising so they know where they are going on the bid front.

The county passed a law enforcement sales tax to fund the jail  in 2016. A committee was created  that would be “doing the ground work for the Commission,” as County surveyor Don Mayhew puts it. 

The Commission hired the people for all the different assignments for the project such as the architect and financial advisor. The committee conducted all the interviews. The committee made the recommendations to the Commission after the interviews. Now the committee makes sure they have plans that stay in budget and that the county is getting the jail that meets everyone’s needs.

The overall budget of the project is $14 million.

“We’ll put the project out to bid the first part of July,” Mayhew said. The committee is aiming for a bid date of August 13. The Commission has not decided on the bid date, however.

“The commission is opening the bid,” Mayhew said at the meeting. “The only thing we have to do is approve the plans to send to them.”

The committee will meet on June 25 at 5:30 p.m. to approve plans.