A homeless man was charged with domestic assault in the second degree after allegedly attacking his girlfriend over not turning on a mobile Hotspot. St. Robert police arrived at the Star Motel where the incident was reported by Rex Allen Nandory’s girlfriend on Jan. 22, 2018.

The victim claimed, according to the probable cause statement, that Nandory. 33, was upset with the victim over not turning on the mobile hotspot so Nandory could access the internet.

The reporting officer said in the probable cause statement that “The reporting party added ‘I’m not going to turn on my Hotspot so he can go in the bathroom and watch porn.”

The probable cause statement said that Nandory had become upset and allegedly struck his girlfriend in the face and continued to attack her.

“The reporting party stated Mr. Nandory became furious and struck her with a closed fist. He then reportedly threw the reporting party up against a concrete wall and continued to assault her,” the arresting officer said in the probable cause statement.

The St. Robert police had found Nandory’s girlfriend with a swollen black eye with a yellow tint around the eye socket. “The victim’s right eye was black and blue with yellow tint circling the right orbital socket. The damaged muscle and tissue surrounding the eye was swollen to the point where the victim was having difficulty opening to see through it,” the reporting officer said in the probable cause statement. The reporting officer also found small bruises and scarring around the victim’s neck as well.

Nandory allegedly fled the scene after gathering his belongings and leaving his girlfriend alone in the hotel room. The reporting party had contacted police afterwards and said the assault happened around 11:30 p.m. at night. The reporting party was taken to a local hospital to be treated for her injuries.

The probable cause statement said this is not Nandory’s first offense. The reporting officer said a criminal history report was filed with Nandory and found charges for domestic assault from Cole County. The complaint dates back to July 2015. Nandory is also on parole for possession-controlled substances.

Nandory is currently being charged with a Class D felony of domestic assault in the second degree. If convicted of this crime, Nandory may face up to seven years in custody of the Missouri Department of Corrections, one year special imprisonment in the county jail, or a fine of $10,000.