Hidden in the deep, wilderness of Tunas sits a country store and restaurant where horse carriages go by every once in awhile and the smells of the kitchen make foreigners come far and wide. 

Come take an adventure to the Lead Mine Country Store, where you will meet some of the Mennonite community, see all the women dressed in gorgeous, colorful attire as they are wearing beautiful smiles! However, take note that if you travel to the Mennonite community be prepared because you will find that many of the businesses do not have electricity and you must bring cash or checks instead of your debit or credit cards. 

Also, do not call the workers “Amish people.” Although the Mennonites are similar to the Amish, there is a big difference! The Mennonite community is a special place in Missouri that resides 15 miles north of Buffalo, Lead Mine and has about 200 residents of what is known as the Old Order Mennonite families. In comparison to the Amish, these Mennonite families dress conservatively by the men wearing buttons on their suit coats, hats, and suspenders while all the women wear bonnets, never cut their hair, wear long dresses and aprons. Nonetheless, unlike the Amish, the Mennonites still use some form of modern technology, like riding around in automobiles or trucks, especially when they are going on vacation. Therefore, even if most of the businesses do not have electricity, the Mennonites still use more than the Amish ever does, as well as wear more colorful attire. For example, the Mennonite women always wear dresses with patterns that come in purple, blue, pink, green, and just about every color on the color wheel. 

Overall, this Mennonite community is unique for its farming, selling of produce, baking, cooking, and selling of luscious, homemade snacks or meals. At the Lead Mine Country Store, people can purchase canned goods like jam, jelly, honey, any kind of vegetable or fruit, along with many other items like candy or gas lamps.Then if customers start to feel a little hungry they can walk over next door to the restaurant. 

The smells of food that is being cooked will overwhelm your nasal cavity causing you to close your eyes and go to a temporarily happy place.  There are daily specials every day of the week like Monday’s chicken pot pie and Friday’s white chicken enchiladas that are to die for! The menu also has plenty of sandwiches and desserts, like the pulled pork BBQ or Ruben and the homemade cobblers with homemade ice cream. All of it will have your mouth watering and leave your stomach hungering for more even after you are already full. 

This may sound cliche, but the Lead Mine Country Store is really a sight for sore eyes. The environment is enchanting and allows you to take a step back from the rest of the world, admire what is happening around you, and interact with all kinds of different people, including the Mennonite staff, who have really interesting Pennsylvania-Dutch accents. 

If you are ever in Tunas, Missouri and looking for a fun adventure, visit the Lead Mine Country Store located about 1.7 miles to your right on State Road YY. For more information, look at a map because the internet or Google Maps may not help you this time!