The Cardinals and the Stingrays faced each other for the second time in two weeks. The Stingrays were able to hang on and win the game 6-2 in three innings.

The Waynesville Stingrays began the game as the away team in the top of the inning. They were able to score three runs off of a couple of walks and errors with the bases loaded. The Ft Leonard Wood Cardinals were able to add a run of their own thanks to a ball that made it to the outfield. The Stingrays took a 3-1 lead after the first inning.

The second inning was a great defensive inning by both teams as they were able to hold to the other teams runners on base during the inning. The score remained Waynesville 3-1 going into the third inning.

The third inning of the game was the final one as the one and a half hour timer ran out during the inning. The Waynesville hitters picked up the pace with the bats and brought in another three runners in the top of the inning. They increased their lead to 6-1 after two and half innings. The Fort Leonard Wood hitters were able to pick up one more run but they could not overcome the deficit score.

The Waynesville Stingrays defeated the Fort Leonard Wood Cardinals 6-2 in a fantastic outing for both teams.

The Waynesville Stingrays will face the Fort Leonard Wood Devil Rays on Wednesday in a tough matchup. The Fort Leonard Wood Cardinals will played on Friday against the Fort Leonard Wood Devil Rays on Friday.