Three women were charged with the class B felony of kidnapping in the first degree after allegedly jumping a 20-year-old at the All-Star Inn in St. Robert on July 1, 2018. 

In a three to one assault, the three women, Ashley Sallee, of St. Robert, 28, Monica Hohendel, of Waynesville, 26, and Elizabeth Hayford, of Fort Leonard Wood, 20, were charged after the victim called the police after allegedly being beaten and zip tied to a chair at the All-Star Inn.

Around 8:30 in the morning of July 2, the St. Robert Police Department responded to a call made from the Super 8 Motel. The reporting party was being treated by Pulaski County Medical Ambulance personnel on scene and was reportedly being treated for a large, swollen black eye.

According to the report, the reporting party “was staying at the All-Star Inn with three females who assaulted her.” The report said she stated she only knew the women by their first names.

In the probable cause statement, the responding officer said the three names were familiar. “As the reporting party began to describe the females, I immediately familiarized with the description of them from previous dealings,” the responding officer said.

The reporting party said in the probable cause statement that she was allegedly attacked by the women in the room and struck several times by Sallee with a firearm before being tied to a chair.

“The reporting party advised she was attacked by the females in the room and was struck several times by a firearm from Sallee,” the responding officer said in the report. “The reporting party further stated she was zip tied to a chair and had consistent markings on both wrists from being zip tied.”

The three women allegedly tried to humiliate the reporting party by shaving her head with a knife. “The reporting party also advised the females had cut her hair with a knife and the reporting party had a large spot on her head with her hair missing,” the report said.

The reporting party was transported to a medical facility in Lebanon to be treated for her injuries.

After meeting with the reporting party, the St. Robert Police Department went to the All-Star Inn and found Sallee and Hayford in the same room where the alleged assault and kidnapping occurred, according to the report. The two were arrested and double locked in handcuffs. Dispatch advised the responding officers that Sallee had prior convictions from the past.

Sallee and Hayford, according to the report, were taken to separate rooms to be interviewed. According to the responding officer’s report, Sallee and Hayford gave conflicting stories about what happened and both allegedly denied involvement with the firearm. The two also stated that the reporting party also allegedly had the black eye prior to entering the room.

At the time the initial report was made, Hohenadel remained at large. She was later arrested.

The three women each were charged with the class B felony of kidnapping in the first degree. Sallee has been additionally charged with the class B felony of assault in the first degree. Each of their bonds were set at $250,000. If found guilty, the three could face up to 15 years in the Missouri Department of Corrections. Sallee may face more jail time due to the additional charge.