A St. Robert man returned to the scene after allegedly assaulting his girlfriend after a verbal altercation. Donte Robinson, 24, of St. Robert, was arrested by the Waynesville Police Department after returning to the scene where he allegedly assaulted his girlfriend after fleeing the incident.

Robinson was told to leave the residence during the verbal altercation that escalated into an assault.

In the report, Robinson allegedly choked and forced his girlfriend onto the bed, then proceeded to punch her in the head with a closed fist. “The reporting party then began to yell to her friends to call the police. [Robinson] then again grabbed her by the throat,” the report said.

The report said that Robinson was allegedly angry over the witnesses calling the police and continued his assault. “I was also advised that while the 911 call was being placed, [Robinson] repeatedly asked if 'she' [the witness] was calling the police. The witness said yes.”

Robinson allegedly threw a “pack and play” at the witness and struck her in the stomach before throwing clothes hangers at her. At this point, Robinson allegedly left the residence and fled on foot towards Casey’s in Waynesville.

The two witnesses provided written statements of the incident. Robinson returned to the scene where he was arrested on sight. During the arrest, Robinson allegedly began to kick the window and door of the patrol car and started becoming combative.

“Robinson became combative and would not comply with orders and would not remain positioned against the patrol vehicle,” the report stated. The officers allegedly had to take Robinson to the ground to regain control before transporting him to the county jail.

While at the jail, Robinson allegedly was still combative and yelled threats at the arresting officers. “[Robinson] is recorded on body camera stating ‘I’m going to slap the s*** out of you when I get out!’ He had to be restrained by jail staff,” the report said.

The report continued to state Robinson posed a clear threat to the victim because he “showed hostility and aggression towards the victim and witnesses on scene while being arrested and made clear threats of violence toward the victim, that he stated would take place when he ‘got out.'"

Robinson has been additionally charged with the Class E felony of resisting arrest. If found guilty, Robinson may face up to seven years in the Missouri Department of Corrections with the additional four-year sentence for resisting arrest. Robinson’s bond is currently set at $150,000.