A high-speed police chase ended in a crash on July 22 after a St. Robert man was pursued from Crocker to Iberia to Dixon to St. Robert.

Darius Brown, 26, was charged with the Class E felony of resisting a lawful stop after leading authorities on a high-speed chase from Pulaski to Miller County. The official report stated the chase started after Brown and two other men were allegedly traveling north in the south bound lane, which the arresting officer was driving in.

“As the vehicle approached, it swerved into the left into the south bound lane and continued traveling in the opposite lane as it passed his location,” the report said.

The responding officer allegedly tried to stop Brown by activating emergency lights and sirens. Brown allegedly failed to stop and continued driving northbound.

“As he got closer to the Mustang, he activated his emergency lights and sirens at which time the vehicle increased its speed and would failed to stop,” the official report stated.

The responding officer notified Pulaski County 911 Communication Center and continued to pursue Brown, allegedly reaching speeds up to 90 miles per hour. “As he pursued the vehicle on Hwy. 17 north, the vehicle crossed into the left-hand lane several times at speeds approaching ninety miles an hour,” the probable cause statement stated.

The report stated vehicles were allegedly ran off the road to avoid being hit by Brown’s vehicle.

“On four different occasions, vehicles traveling in the South bound lane were ran off the roadway in order to avoid hitting the Mustang as he drove in and out of each lane around curves, in an attempt to get away,” the official report said.

As the driver continued his attempt to flee the authorities, the suspects allegedly threw items, including a handgun that was tossed into a creek. The chase continued into the city limits of Iberia where Brown allegedly flipped a U-turn.

The responding officer alerted other officers in the area that Brown was travelling south towards Crocker. Brown allegedly caused two more vehicles to be ran off the road to avoid a collision.

The officers laid out spike strips that Brown allegedly swerved to avoid while continuing south bound on Hwy. 17 before turning onto Hwy. 133.

“The driver continued north on Hwy. 133, into the city of Dixon, and on at least three occasions caused other vehicles to leave the roadway to avoid being hit head on,” the report said.

The chase continued into the city of Dixon with Brown allegedly reaching speeds of 55 in a 35 mile per hour zone on Hwy. 28.

As the chase proceeded, the Missouri State Highway Patrol were involved by laying spike strips. Brown allegedly swerved off the road entirely to avoid driving over the spikes.

As the chase continued down Hwy. 28, Brown allegedly reached speeds of 85 miles per hour and forced more vehicles to be ran off the road until turning onto Harris Lane, a dead-end road in a residential neighborhood of St. Robert.

Brown and two other suspects allegedly left the vehicle and started fleeing on foot into the woods. Brown was found allegedly laying on the ground and was ordered at gunpoint to come to the authorities’ location.

Brown was cuffed and ordered to wait at the St. Robert K9 Unit tried to find the other two suspects who still, at the time of the report, remain at large. At the time of Brown’s arrest, he allegedly made jokes about the chase, saying “At least I used my turn signal.”

Brown allegedly claimed that he was paranoid and “did not know the other people in the vehicle,” according to the report.

The handgun that was tossed was recovered by the Missouri State Highway Patrol and given to the Crocker Police Department. It was later discovered the gun was loaded and had a live round jammed to where it could not be fired or ejected due to the damage from being tossed from the car.

If convicted, Brown may face up to four years in the Missouri Department of Corrections for the charge of a Class E felony of resisting a lawful stop.