A man paid for a used truck with movie prop money and has been charged with fraud, forgery and stealing after also being charged for allegedly stealing a camper in broad daylight.

Jerry Twehus, 41, of Laquey, allegedly paid $800 dollars in counterfeit money for a used 2002 Dodge Durango. According to the official report, after handing over eight single hundred dollar bills, Twehus was handed over the keys and title and drove off.

The reporting party stated she did not count out the cash at the time due to the witness allegedly being addicted to drugs.

“The reporting party stated she did not count the money on scene, since her witness was a drug addict and the reporting party did not want the witness to know how much cash the reporting party made on the deal,” the report said.

The reporting party said she met Twehus at the Fort Wood Inn off Hwy. 17 and agreed to sell him the car. The probable cause statement said after the exchange, Twehus allegedly took off before the reporting party realized.

“The reporting party stated the male, Jerry, got in the Durango and took off very quickly heading west on Highway 17 from Fort Wood Inn. The reporting party then drove to the Waynesville Gulf Gas Station and that is where she realized the $800 was in counterfeit bills,” the report said.

The reporting party looked at the money and the money allegedly had the phrase “For Motion Picture Use Only” written on the front and the back. The responding officer had the Pulaski County Dispatch put out a search for Twehus.

Twehus also faces an additional charge for allegedly stealing an RV camper from someone’s driveway in broad daylight.

According to the probable cause statement, Twehus and George Nelson were seen on camera pulling the trailer with a pickup truck. The investigation determined that the trailer was taken to Jefferson City before being recovered.

Nelson has been charged with the class C felony of property worth over $25,000 dollars. Nelson also faces an additional charge of the Class D felony of unlawful possession of a firearm after authorities found a firearm in Nelson’s vehicle that was registered to another person.

If convicted, Twehus may face up to fifteen years in prison for the Class B felony of stealing property worth over $25,000 dollars on top of his additional charges of the Class D felony of stealing the car and the Class D felony of forgery. Twehus also has two prior felony convictions that may influence jail time. Currently, Twehus is being held on two $100,000 dollar bonds.