A little about you

Diane Franklin (DF): Diane Franklin is a native of the Lake Area. Dr. Chris and Diane operated the Lake Area Clinic and now their Century farm. She served on the Camdenton R-III School Board and in MO House of Representatives. Diane is a lifetime member of the NRA, National Wild Turkey Federation and MO Farm Bureau. She is also a member of the Amateur and Missouri Trap Shooting Associations where she was one of four women on the Missouri State Trapshooting Team. She also serves as a board member for the Missouri Youth Sport Shooting Alliance.  An active member of her local church, she is also an involved member of Lake Area, Camdenton Chamber of Commerce, Kiwanis International, and Rotary International.  A Blue Star Mother of America, with two son’s service in the military. She is the mother of two sons and the proud grandmother of two granddaughters and three grandsons. www.electdianefranklin.com

Justin Brown (JB): My name is Justin Dan Brown. I was born and raised in Rolla, MO attending Rolla Public Schools kindergarten- 12th grade. I attended MS&T, after earning my degree, I became a  loan officer at a local bank in Rolla. I reside on a farm in rural Rolla with my wife, Laura and three children, Tristin, Brody and Kennedy. I currently own and operate Brown Farms Rolla, MO LLC. My wife is the Director of Early Childhood for Rolla Public Schools. Together, we attend Greentree Christian Church. I am a project leader for the Elk Prairie 4H Club, the President of Phelps County Farm Bureau Federation and am on the Board of Directors of Rolla Farmer’s Exchange.

Keith Frederick (KF): I have enjoyed the last 8 years serving as the State Representative for the 149th & 121st district. I am a small business owner, orthopedic surgeon and pharmacist. Marilyn and I have lived in this Senate district for over thirty years and have had children come through the school districts at both the Lake of the Ozarks and Rolla. We have been married 42 years and we attend First United Methodist Church in Rolla. In the course of raising children and providing orthopedic care in two areas of this Senate district over 32 years, I have been able to stay in touch with the concerns and challenges of residents of this great state.

Why are you running for this office and what sets you apart from your opposition?

DF: I'm a Christian, a military mom, a grandma, a state champion trap shooter and a conservative. As one of 34 State Senators the Lake would have a strong voice in Jefferson City to fight for our local economy and our values. In the House, I've been a champion for creating tourism opportunities while at the same time defending our pro-life, pro-2nd Amendment and anti-illegal immigration values. I'm the only candidate from the Lake area and I am endorsed by Missouri Right to Life, A Rated by the NRA and 100% rating from NFIB (National Federation of Independent Business).

KF: Having lived at the Lake for almost 20 years and in Rolla the past 14 years, I have practiced medicine in this Senate district for over 30 years and I believe I have a unique perspective to offer.  My background in Health Care with a degree in Pharmacy and then as an orthopedic surgeon sets me apart not only from the other candidates but from 98% of the current members of the House and Senate.  Electing me to the Senate will assure that we have at least one doctor in the Missouri Senate.   I have accomplished a lot in my eight years including bringing over 100 doctors to shortage areas of our state, and passing legislation that helped bring free market principles and freedom in health care to Missouri, with Direct Primary Care with Dr. Jenny Powell's DPC Clinic as one example. Go to DocFrederick.com/HealthCare for a video.

JB: I am running for office to protect MO rural values. Our values are under attack not only in Washington DC but also in Jefferson City; I will protect those values. I will fight to create a better environment for jobs and make sure our district gets its fair share. I will work to make sure that every state resource available is used to help combat this horrible opioid crisis that is decaying our society. I am different than my opponents because I will bring a fresh perspective to Jefferson City.

In your opinion, what is the single most important responsibility of the office you are seeking?

DF: Defending our way of life. For too long, the big cities, government bureaucrats and liberal politicians have tried to dictate how our government operates. It's important to have a Senator who will fight for our way of life, our values and our unique, local economy here at the Lake. As your Representative, I've been one of the voices in the Capitol for defending innocent life. That's why Missouri Right to Life and Susan B. Anthony has endorsed me. I've worked to keep bad ideas from Washington DC out of our state, like Obamacare. My late husband, Dr. Chris Franklin, practiced medicine here and I saw firsthand the devastating impact of Obamacare. That's why I helped lead the effort to keep the law out of Missouri.

KF: To understand the biggest responsibility I would have as your State Senator, one needs to go back to the Declaration of Independence, written July 4, 1776.  "We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.  That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed."  My greatest responsibility  is to protect the people's rights, and that means to view all issues with the fundamental  principles of the Constitution in mind.  You can view a video about your Fifth Amendment rights as it relates to Property by going to DocFrederick.com/Real Estate.  That is an example of how decisions in the Legislature should be guided by what the Constitution assures its citizens.

JB: To be a good financial steward of peoples hard earned tax dollars and to lessen the burden of government on our constituents.

Should the minimum wage be increased, why or why not?

DF: I'm 100% supportive of wages increasing through free market solutions like reducing the regulatory burden on job creators, lower taxes and expanding economic opportunities. I'm proud to have supported Missourians first income tax cut in 100 years, supported the state's largest tax cut in history while support regulatory and tort reforms to get government off the backs of job creators. That's how we'll see wages rise.

KF: The Minimum Wage should not be increased in my opinion.  To do so would deprive many entry level young workers of the chance to have a job in the first place.  Employers, if forced to pay wages in excess of what the free market will support, will respond by employing fewer workers.   The better solution is more job creation which is happening now, and when workers have several options, employers will have to compete to attract those workers, and that means higher pay, better benefits, and a better work environment.  By the way, prohibiting non compete clauses in employment contracts raises wages by allowing market forces to work and I've introduced legislation to do that as well.

JB: No. As the economy continues to improve the minimum wage will increase itself due to competition for employees.

What are your budgeting priorities?

DF: I will only support a state budget that is balanced without raising taxes. That's most important. I will work to ensure we lower the tax burden on families while investing in our schools, our veterans and our local tourism economy. I'll continue fighting to ensure abortion providers, like Planned Parenthood, don't receive a dime of our tax dollars. Lastly, I'll fight to stop taxpayer-funded benefits from going to illegal immigrants. Budgets are about priorities and I'll ensure that our state budget reflects our priorities and our values.

KF: My budget priorities include proper funding for education and proper restraint of spending on Medicaid.  In states all over this country, money spent on increasing Medicaid budgets has crowded out allocation for education and other important functions of government.  Through innovation, we can reduce the increase in Medicaid spending to allow us to have the dollars we need in other areas.  We can do this while improving quality and introducing free market concepts into the equation.  Right now, if a person wants to take an ambulance to the ER at3 am for an ankle sprain, they can do it.  Through the use of Health Savings Accounts for Medicaid, we can improve quality and reduce costs.  If President Trump gives the states more flexibility with block grants for Medicaid,Missouri had better be ready, and I am prepared to lead in this area.

JB: My first priorities would be education, law enforcement, and tourism throughout the lake of the Ozarks region.