A 19-year-old was charged with the Class D felony of stealing and the Class D felony of financial exploitation of the elderly after allegedly taking advantage of his grandfather.

Christian Mink has been charged after a family member reported her stepfather had to have his credit card cancelled after Mink allegedly took it. The reporting party stated in the official report she was given the Missouri Durable Power of Attorney to make legal, financial and health care decisions on her stepfather’s behalf.

According to the report, Mink allegedly spent nearly $4,500 dollars on the credit card, maxing out the limit of approximately $3,700 dollars. In the report, the reporting party stated Mink did not ask for permission and stole the credit card.

The reporting party also stated that Mink has consistently taken advantage of his grandfather, as well as his grandmother. Mink would allegedly take the family car for days at a time, leaving them without any means for transportation.

“The reporting party stated the victim is very sick with stage 4 cancer and that Christian had also been taking advantage of the victim and her mother who is also very sick with dementia,” the report stated.

Mink allegedly used his grandfather’s credit card to buy shoes. “The reporting party had taken me into the garage and showed me approximately 20 boxes of brand new shoes with notes on some of them reading already sold,” the reporting officer stated in the statement.

Mink had allegedly been physical with the reporting party. The report stated at some point, Mink allegedly pushed her out the door way of his room.

In the complaint, it stated Mink allegedly started using the card between April and May 2018. If found guilty, Mink faces up to four years in the Missouri Department of Corrections for both charged. Mink faced an advice of counsel on Tuesday, July 31 and is currently being held on a $50,000 dollar bond.