Some readers have certainly heard of the PBS program/project called “The Great American Read.”  The library is partnering with Ozarks Public Television on several themed projects to celebrate The Great American Read!  

Our trivia contest, moderated by MSU staff, and whose winners will be invited to participate in a regional trivia tournament at the MSU Meyer Library, is happening next week!  Join us at the Waynesville Library next Friday, August 17th at 5:30 p.m.  Everyone is welcome, whether you have a library card or not, and no matter how many of the books on the list you’ve read. We’re going to have a fun time with some door prizes and snacks. As always, this event is free!  So, join us for a fun and informative evening as we compete and learn more about the books that are part of the Great American Read!

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Find out more about the Great American read, and their list of 100 most popular novels in America, at